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David Oliphant

Founder, Realtor®

Nicholas & Bliss
What My Clients Say
There are times in life when you heave a HUGE sigh of relief because a massive weight has just been lifted from your shoulders. That’s how my partner and I felt after meeting David. Back story: We had tried out a handful of other Coastside Realtors® and none of them were particularly proactive, nor did they feel like they were “our people” I had just about given up. I figured the coast was just really la...

— Nicholas & Bliss

Karin & Ted
What My Clients Say
David helped us at every turn during a sales process in the height of a pandemic. It wasn’t easy and he managed it all big and small things. Most importantly he leads with empathy while being the most responsive professional I have ever met. If you are selling or if you are buying you want David on your team. Hands down the best real estate person I have ever worked with.

— Karin & Ted

Natalie & Gregory
What My Clients Say
After months and months of frustration and no results with some self-proclaimed ‘top’ agent trying to sell our house in Montara, CA we called David to rescue us. From the first moment we started talking he was the kind gentleman you would expect to meet especially when in need of help. He was very understanding and accommodating, showing us how we can proceed with his method going into every detail patie...

— Natalie & Gregory

Traci & Michael
What My Clients Say
David recently assisted my wife and I in our sale and purchase of a new home. In your search for a home…it’s critical to have a Realtor® that both represents YOU and knows his product. The critical part being that he represents you and can advise and help direct questions during the process. David is excellent. You can try other Realtors®…but, do you really want to trust your sale or purchase to someone ...

— Traci & Michael

Charlie & Robert
What My Clients Say
David was amazing during our six (6) month home search on the coast. He was available day and night seven days a week, including while he was on vacation. We built an amazing working / friendship that will continue. He called one evening after a devastating loss of another home and wanted us to see a new listing, we were hesitant but believed in David so we traveled to the coast during rush hour. Needles...

— Charlie & Robert

Miguel & Cola
What My Clients Say
When me and my wife decided to get serious about buying a home, I discovered David by searching for well reviewed local agents online and am so glad I did! From the first email it was clear that David knew the market extremely well and was going to be a pleasure to work with. He was incredibly responsive at all times which was very appreciated and reduced our stress along the way. During our search for h...

— Miguel & Cola

Rich & Doug
What My Clients Say
David Oliphant sold us our house July 2014 in Moss Beach. David was the best choice for us because of his dedication to finding is the perfect house for the price we wanted. It took about 1 month of constant phone calls on my part, early morning and late night visits to many many homes up and down the coast to help find us the perfect fit for what we wanted. He patiently waited for me to say this is the ...

— Rich & Doug

What My Clients Say
David was a great agent for me. He was patient, knowledgeable and worked quickly and efficiently. He was a tireless marketer of my house, and ultimately our buyer came from one of his marketing campaigns. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. We went through the strangest situations with the sale of my house, and he was never afraid to seek advice or consensus from executives at his agency. I highly ...

— Alysia

Stephanie & Jeremiah
What My Clients Say
If you’re buying a house on the Coastside, it’s important to have an agent with Coastside expertise (i.e., not a Pacifica-based agent or someone from over the hill). David is that expert, and an excellent teammate in the home buying process. He is ultra responsive to all texts, calls and emails. He is proactive and will help you set up a roadmap for your home buying journey. He is very well connected to ...

— Stephanie & Jeremiah

Dana & Michele
What My Clients Say
David was our listing agent, and we recommend him highly. From the start, he made us feel comfortable and confident that he would take care of everything needed for a successful sale. David impressed us with his knowledge of the current market and how best to price, stage and prepare the house for sale. He guided all of the pre-sale work needed, providing advice and hands-on management of inspections and...

— Dana & Michele

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