Coastside Market Update – May 2020

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Coastside Market Update – May 2020
Good morning, 
We’re here to bring you well wishes, and the good news in Coastside real estate! 
As you well know, things have changed. Every sale, purchase negotiation, and market is unique under Covid. Generalizing, or relying on the old ways of transacting are no longer serving us. Despite the circumstances, the team at Ocean Blue has adapted to serve our clients and community. Highly personalized accommodations are being made according to each individual’s level of comfort and needs, and within the bounds of the current county and state regulations. 
Real estate has been deemed an essential business, and you might be surprised to learn that homes are selling very, very quickly this spring. Following a “safety first listing launch and showing protocol” Ocean Blue sellers are using virtual tours and no — opening your home to the whole neighborhood isn’t necessary to get it sold!
A low inventory of listed properties has created an environment where it takes creativity, initiative, and strong connections to source off-market opportunities and negotiate deals. Both David and Karina have gratefully guided clients into new homes (on and off-market) during this pandemic. We share this hopeful message with you to let you know that if you dream of a new home on the coast, we will help you – even now.
Let us know if you’d like to schedule a 15 minute zoom call to learn what is possible right now. We would be happy to share the market data in your area of interest, and help you in any way possible.
Wishing you all the best!
David Oliphant
DRE #01949984
Karina Ballantyne
DRE #02102603
Average Coastside Sales Over the Past Year

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