Listen, Listen, and Listen More

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Listen, Listen, and Listen More
by David Oliphant, DRE #01949984
Everyday I’m reminded that my job as a Professional Realtor® is not only one of home buying and selling, but one of people. In fact, I would dare say that the “people” side of the business is much greater than the transaction side. 
Think back to any relationship you have been in, either in your personal or professional life. You may come to recognize that skills such as listening, empathy, genuine caring and not putting your own needs first are paramount to a healthy, productive and successful relationship. The same Is true in real estate. 
I’ve always said, if someone is moving, something has happened. Sometimes it’s a happy occasion like a new baby, a job promotion or a new marriage. Sometimes it’s not so happy, the loss of a job, a marriage dissolved or the loss of a family member. I try to remember that when I’m getting to know a new client and assist with their real estate goals, not everyone is excited about the process. We are all people with our own lives first. I try to offer great service to my fellow realtors for the same reason. 
It’s important for a realtor to be a good coach, to listen, listen, listen some more and then offer support and guidance using their expertise, industry and market knowledge. The best advice I can extend to a buyer or a seller, is to listen to their professional agent as it relates to timing, disclosures, buying, strategy and pricing. Most buyers and sellers are in the market every few years at most, but a local, seasoned, professional realtor is in the market every single day. They can offer solid advice on how you can accomplish your real estate goals. Like any relationship it may test your boundaries and comfort level, but with time – trust is built and strategies are accomplished. I believe if the right people are trying to accomplish a goal for the right reasons, the right thing will happen at the right time. 
That being said, one of my favorite reminders in my personal life is “Do you want to be right or do you want peace in your household”. 
I’ll just leave that there ☺
Listen, listen and listen some more. 
Have a good day, friends.

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