Like many of us, I grew up in the era of families driving around in a classic VW Bus. And like many families, they got rid of them as the family grew, the bus broke down or when they were deemed unsafe (what’s an airbag?) Those memories have always stuck with me, the great times we had, the sound (and problems) of the engine, the classic smell and of course, the sound of the original horn.

When I purchased this bus about 10 years ago it didn’t even run, but it was in the midwest in a garage which meant it had minimal rust. That’s kind of a big deal here on the coast! Over the next couple of years I painstakingly had it put back together, not with a suped up engine and crazy interior, but back to how it was the day it rolled off the factory assembly line. A classic 1600 engine, the original interior including the seats, carpet, ceiling liner, the dash AND I had the entire steering column taken apart so they could repair the original horn.

Currently here in Half Moon Bay you will see the bus parked in front of the Ocean Blue office on Main Street, greeting buyers at open houses, at the Dream Machines annual event and just cruising up and down Highway 1 on a sunny day.

If you’ve read this far and you see the bus around town, snap a picture of it, post it on social media and tag Ocean Blue Real Estate and you will receive a $50 gift certificate to your favorite local restaurant!

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