Bedroom refresh to celebrate new season

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Bedroom refresh to celebrate new season

Bedroom refresh to celebrate new season

With summer on the doorstep, there is no better time to bring this refreshing new season inside your home; and the bedroom is a great place to start.

The heart of a home's relaxation, bedrooms are ideal for a summer fling of colorful quilts, sheer curtains and flowers.

Best of all, a summer refresh can be done on a budget.

Start with a deep clean of the bedroom, including the windows.

While cleaning, declutter and send winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe or say goodbye all together and donate them to a thrift store.

Windows should be opened wide to welcome light, scents and breezes and you may wish to temporarily replace the heavy, dark curtains of winter with soft white linens and sheer curtains.

If the bedroom doesn't receive much light, add extra mirrors to help reflect more of it.

While working with the windows, add some vases of scented flowers and greenery to the sills.

A vaseful of flowers is also a wonderful inclusion to a newly cleaned, bedroom fireplace if you have one.

As the center of the bedroom, the bed should also be the focus of the summer upgrade.

Thick comforters and electric blankets can be removed for another year and weary warm winter sheets replaced with fresh lighter options.

You may wish to keep an extra blanket or coverlet on the bed in early summer, in case winter temperatures return.

Extra decorative pillows and throw rugs on the bed are great all year round but for summer, you guessed it, replace winter details with lighter, whiter ones.

Don't forget the floors either with summer being the season for thick rugs to be cleaned and stored away for next autumn and replaced by lighter designs. And if you use a light-colored rug, it will make the room look larger.

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