Spring Tips to Revive the Lawn

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Spring Tips to Revive the Lawn

Spring tips to revive the lawn

Touted as being the warmest on record, this winter also included freezing arctic blasts in January across most of the country while the south-east experienced a mid-March return to winter after warmer spring temperatures.

As a result, American gardens, and especially lawns, are now needing extra help after such a unique, and damaging, season as we head into much warmer weather. 

Advance preparation

As every good green thumb knows, advance preparation is everything when it comes to gardening.

In spring, lawns need an application of fertilizer as well as weed control help, to prevent grass look-alike weeds such as crabgrass.

Rake up any fallen winter debris and remove weeds. An aeration service is important for all lawns in spring, regardless of seeding plans, as it allows crucial nutrients to reach grass roots. It also gives new seed a better chance of germination.

First Spring mows

Ensure the first two to three spring mows of the lawn are performed carefully. Don't have the blade set too low. 

Cool-season lawns should be over seeded in the fall, when their grasses are at their strongest, while warm-season lawns can be seeded in early spring.

Water lawns regularly in spring and do so in the mornings rather than evenings.

Plan Ahead

Finally, remember to plan for fall lawn treatments.

This season will arrive sooner than you think. A late fall fertilizer treatment is a great way to revive lawns scarred by summer. 

You can apply “winterizer” treatment from late October right up until early December. Winterizer is a low-nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer, that can help prevent snow mold or snow rot – a fungal lawn disease that appears in spring. 

The treatment will protect lawns and their root systems from the worst stressors of winter and enable them to bounce back next year. 

Regular mowing and raking up of fall leaves will also help in this area as, being a fungus, snow mold loves damp, dark areas.

Caring for your own lawn is rewarding. For additional advice reach out to one of Half Moon Bay’s local lawn care services!

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