The Top 5 Things to Consider When Bringing a Rescue Pet into Your New Home

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The Top 5 Things to Consider When Bringing a Rescue Pet into Your New Home

How to Help a Rescue Animal Get Settled in Your Home

Adopting a rescue animal is the way to go if you want a pet. You’ll feel great about helping an animal in need, and your pet will finally get to settle into a forever home where they feel safe and welcome. But before you head to the shelter to pick up your new pet, take some time to prepare for the days and weeks ahead. A few simple preparations will go a long way toward helping your pet get settled in their new home with you. Ocean Blue Real Estate has collected a few important tips and tricks to help you out!

Prepare Your Home and Life

First, make sure your home and life are ready for a new pet. Pet-proof your home and make a pet care plan to ensure your furry friend will thrive under your care. You may also want to get pet insurance to help cover the costs of routine and emergency veterinary visits. Find pet insurance in California to compare your options and discover the best solution for your needs and budget. Coverage will vary between policies, so be sure to read the fine print! For example, certain policies won’t offer coverage for older animals or preventive care. Do your research so you make the right choice.

Keep the Atmosphere Calm

When you finally meet your new pet, try to remain calm and relaxed. Creating a calm atmosphere will help your pet feel safe with you! It’s a good idea to bring someone along with you to the shelter so they can sit in the backseat with your pet on the drive home. When you get home, limit visitors for the first week or so. You want the whole experience to feel positive and relaxed for your pet!

Give Your Pet Time to Explore

Give your new pet some space as they explore your new home. Sit back and let them walk around on their own time. It’s important to acknowledge your pet’s need for personal space, especially as they acclimate to your home. If you have other pets, The Humane Society of the United States suggests introducing them to your rescue on neutral territory. Bring plenty of treats to this introduction and pay close attention to your pet’s body language. Offer treats for relaxed behavior and positive interactions.

Explore the Great Outdoors

After you’ve given your dog some time to explore your home, take them outside! Go for a walk around the neighborhood so your dog can get familiar with their surroundings. You could even get in the car and drive to a beautiful dog beach where your pup can run free and release some energy. You may want to avoid small dog parks for now until you get a sense for how your dog behaves around other animals.

Start on Some Basic Training Right Away

The first few weeks with your new rescue pet are crucial when it comes to training. Right away, you want to start rewarding desirable behavior. Keep some treats on you at all times so you can reward your pet for relaxing calmly and ignoring triggers (like people walking by outside the window).

The Spruce Pets explains that it’s important to be patient and predictable during your pet’s adjustment period, but you also want to establish your boundaries as soon as possible. Avoid yelling at your dog. Instead, focus on managing unwanted behaviors, removing reinforcement, and teaching your dog what you want them to do instead. You can always hire a professional trainer if you need help!

Planning ahead will ensure your pet adoption experience is a positive one! Prepare your home, invest in pet insurance, and plan how you’re going to train your new pet before bringing them home. Establish a mutual relationship of love and respect with your new pet and you’ll both enjoy a happy life together!

Are you looking for a new home for you and your furry friend? Ocean Blue Real Estate can help! Contact us today so we can discuss your home-buying needs! Call 650-713-5544.


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