The Coastside Clean Team at Abundant Grace Picks Up Where Beachgoers Drop Off

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The Coastside Clean Team at Abundant Grace Picks Up Where Beachgoers Drop Off

Early mornings on the beaches and trails are incredibly peaceful and stunningly gorgeous. The sound of crashing waves and views of clouds making their way over hilltops – it’s a true treat for the senses and good for the soul! Sadly, at times these moments of zen are punctuated with the scent of garbage. Trash can be an issue here on the coast. It seems there are never enough trash receptacles to fulfill the needs of beachgoers (let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt here!) Our wildlife loves to have a go at it too, digging into the dumpsters and spreading all that mess around.

We are beyond blessed to reside in such a gorgeous environment. While the “pack it in, pack it out” way is the wisest, it’s not always common practice. I am eternally grateful to our neighbors who go out of their way to clean up the beaches and create sweet signage reminders along the trail. Many individuals and organizations have taken up the task of keeping our environment clean and safe – thank you to all!

Abundant Grace has a unique program to assist in the public safety and environmental hazard issue trash poses. Through Abundant Grace, very low income and homeless individuals are provided with the opportunity to earn income while serving this community. When you see them out on the beaches and trails in the mornings picking up several times per week, please take a moment to thank them for their efforts! I appreciate Abundant Grace, and hope to see an expansion of these clean-up services in the future. I have pledged to donate a portion of earnings from each transaction to this local, impactful organization.

The Coastside is a natural wonder! It’s no wonder that visitors flock here to spend time basking in it all. Thank you friends, neighbors, and Abundant Grace for helping keep our environment pristine!

With gratitude,

Karina Ballantyne
DRE #02102603

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